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Ray | Ivory Honeycomb Hooded Top

Ray | Ivory Honeycomb Hooded Top

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Textured Honeycomb style top with the large hood inspired by the Jedi, Nomad Lifestyle and a Festival Fashion.

This piece has a nice edgy Jedi look and can be great addition to your awesome unique wardrobe.

Try it with our glorka harem pants - they go so well together!

Materials: 100% polyester. 

Fabric for this piece was bought in Fashion District in LA and the piece was handmade in one of our studios in California.

one size. It can be wrapped around in many different ways! Play with it!

We hand-make all garments with love and care and we want them to bring you joy as long as possible! This is why we always recommend hand washing and drying flat to preserve the item to last longer.
Please avoid hot dryers!


glorka wear is handmade, ethical and sweat-shop free production. I work with 3 seamstresses from New York and Los Angeles, and I am very proud to work with this great team full of passion for sewing and crafting.

To reduce textile waste and make our planet greener I strive to upcylce (use discarded or vintage fabrics that would end up in waste otherwise), and eco-friendly natural fabrics and blends that will decompose with time.

I am still in the process of moving towards sustainability and I still cary a number of products made from contemporary synthetic fabrics. With every new step I will be updating my inventory towards compostable, natural and ethically sourced limited edition materials.
You can always inquire about each of the fabrics we use for our designs. Send me convo at any time!


We have a few showrooms and storefront locations where you can come in and try on the pieces in person or exchange any of the pieces.
We are happy to meet you and show you our pieces in person, so if you are ever near:
💫 Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (this is our main showroom with the fullest inventory and from where we ship most of our pieces)
💫 San Juan, Puerto Rico (our second showroom where we have more of the tropical, resort pieces)
💫 Fallbrook, California (2 hours South from LA, a small boutique at Makhosi Temple of Spiritual Traditions)
💫 Playa Venao, Panama (a storefront at El Sitio Hotel)

Please send us a convo if you want to stop by, say hello and make an appointment!

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