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Sun Tribe | Crop Top | Her

Sun Tribe | Crop Top | Her

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Unique crop top handmade from natural textiles hemp and cotton, the original threads. 

We are so excited to introduce our new collection "Original Threads" created together with our dear sister Iryna @heartoflight and a group of Manaslu local women residing in a small village near Pokhara, Nepal.

This collection of kimonos, robes, tops and skirts is handmade with natural textiles: hemp and cotton in different combinations. 

Basic and simple designs of these pieces represent the simplicity of life, the Middle Way, the way of Buddha. 

Manaslu handicraft women (and men) have created an incredible collective where they play and work together. They weave cotton and hemp threads, color them and sew clothing, bags and childrens' toys.

The women of the tribe are sewing, stitching, weaving and being feminine creators, with kids running around and daily chay breaks with local cows milk... Simple peaceful life of craft-women in the Himalayas... 

This top has a simple zen look. It can be worn as a casual city attire as well as a funky top for your festival outfit or intentional gathering… The earthy tone of natural hemp provides a calming grounding experience. The pure fiber feels good to the skin and soul... 

We handmade a few of these tops. Each of them is slightly different. If you purchase it- please be advised- the texture or the finish of the top might differ from the photos… You can always request a photo of the tops we have in stock - to choose from! 

Materials: natural hemp/cotton blend

Size: one size fits most. 

Overall length: 23 inches 

Overall width:  23 inches




I am You and You are Me. We are One and The Same. 
Stay as Awareness…

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